Fessing up... it's true. I have one.

My Mistress

It’s the middle of the evening. Dinner is over. All the chores are done. All the phone calls have been made and office work finished for the day. The house is quiet. I spent some quite time with Jamie after her hard shift at work, and she is now tucked in and drifting off to sleep. It’s time…

… the time I’ve been looking forward to all day. Time alone with my special one. She waits for me not too far away in a quiet dark place. The place we always meet. As I quietly slip out of the house and walk to the rendezvous point, there she is. Waiting for me, as she always is. It’s just me and her. Private and alone. Gleaming and twinkling in the soft light, it’s almost as if she’s winking at me. She’s always ready to spend some time together with me, whenever I can find some moments like this. She’s amazing… she never complains when I can’t see her for a while. She just faithfully waits for me. And we just pick right up where we left off last time we were together. This wonderful love affair has been going on for over 3 years now. And it gets better all the time. Oh, we’ve had our disagreements and some tough times. Sometimes I don’t understand her and I can get very frustrated with her. But she never fails to capture my imagination all over again. My relationship with her is growing every day. I can’t stop thinking about her. I can’t get her out of my mind. I think about her at work. I think about her at play. I think about her when I’m traveling. I think about her when I’m with Jamie. I even think about her when I’m at church. That’s right. At church.

You would understand if you saw her. She’s a lovely thing of beauty. She has stunning, beautiful skin and graceful smooth curves. Just looking at her makes my heart soar to the heavens. Any man who sees her admires her and speaks with compliments. She has inspired many who have seen her. The other guys, the ones who don’t have what I have, are envious of me. I can see it when they look at her. They want her, too.

But what about Jamie? Well... it may sound hard to believe, but she knows all about her. Amazingly, Jamie doesn’t seem to mind. She doesn’t even mind all the money I spend on her. We talk about her together sometimes. She has actually encouraged me at times to go spend some time with her. She knows when I miss her and need to see her. She’d much rather see me spend time with her than go out with the guys. You see, as long as Jamie knows she comes first, she’s okay with me having her in my life, too. She loves the enthusiasm and energy she sees in me, the excitement she sees in me, the little boy in me come alive, when I talk about her. She sees how lit up I am after spending some time with her. She loves watching me show her off to the other guys. And she knows how long I waited to have her become a part of my life. Jamie doesn’t feel quite the same way I do about her, of course, but she understands. Not only that, she is actually looking forward to a threesome together with her some day. Yes, it’s true! The three of us are going to travel and spend time together. But that’s down the road a ways. My relationship with my mistress needs to mature before that's possible. So I need to spend more time with her alone first.

Those of you who are fortunate to have someone like her in your life know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you. You know the feelings, the thoughts, the attachment, the motivation, the passion, and the anticipation that fills your mind and your life. You can’t imagine your life without her, can you?

So just who is this lovely mistress who captivates me, keeps me spellbound, has my devotion, my affection, a lot of my money, and my time and attention? Well, she doesn't even really have a name yet. She's my aluminum mistress, of course. She’s the best kept secret in town. Every man who wants one should have one. I know this is written from a mans point of view, but ladies, you can have one, too! I know more than a few who love the idea of having another powerful "hunk" in their life.

Throughout the ages of time, men have referred to the ships they build using feminine terms of endearment. Did you ever wonder why? I did. I think I’m beginning to understand now.

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