Contact Information

Contact Information

If you have some interest in contacting me regarding my project, or anything aviation-related, or personal, or anything at all that's on your mind (unless you're a spammer) then please feel free to write to me. I'd love to hear from you! (unless you're a spammer) I try very hard to respond to each and every legitimate email I get. So far, I haven't exactly been overwhelmed, so the odds are nearly 100% that you'll hear back from me. And it would be my pleasure. Really.

In case you hadn't guessed by now, I HATE SPAMMERS. My mailbox is filled with it every day, in spite of my spam filters and all attempts at stopping all the crap. If you are a spammer, you should know that I made a personal vow to myself several years ago that I would NEVER, under any circumstances, EVER, buy anything from a spammer. So your efforts are totally wasted on me. So do us all a favor and just leave me off your list, okay? Just think... if we all did this, they would soon give up and go out of business.

For the rest of you, my friends and interested parties, please write to me! I have email info like you see below at the bottom of each and every page on my site. You won't find an active link here, for obvious reasons. Just type it in, though, and it works fine.

I thought about leaving a phone number, but for obvious reasons I decided to be just a bit more discreet. If you write to me, however, I will be most happy to give my phone number to you.

I'll look forward to your email!

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Contact me: swayze "at" (replace "at" with the @ sign... no spaces... you know the deal. Trying to avoid spam here)



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