September 11, 2008

Riveting finished - WINGS FINISHED!! - 4.5 hrs.

Today is another one of those landmark days. A HUGE milestone, as far as I'm concerned. My wings are FINISHED!! (except for the fiberglass wing tips, of course). It took me 15 months, roughly, from start to finish. I was hoping to have them done a number of months ago. But when I consider that my home remodeling is still going on, the wedding took place in June, and other family activities and just life in general coming at you, this is an accomplishment that I am very proud of.

Boy, how about this? A wing that looks like a wing without one single cleco!

Here are all the rivets I finished tonight on the outboard skin. Now I'm having fun peeling off the vinyl and cleaning up the wing as I go. It's sort of like getting to eat dessert after being a good boy and eating all your vegetables.

Another shot from a higher angle. I got up on a stepstool to take this shot.

With the right wing all cleaned up and back in the storage cradle, I put the aileron and flap back on. Then I put the access cover plates on. I can't believe I'm looking at two finished wings. What a great feeling! I just had to stare at them and admire them for a while.

For the record, for the FAA, and just for memories and all, here's a shot of me the next day. This time it's ME that's all cleaned up for the camera. You can click on the picture for a larger image.

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