August 12, 2009

Flipped the "Canoe"!! - 0.5 hrs.

A short session today, but a very big moment. After doing a final inspection, I found two more rivets that weren't installed, so Daniel helped me hammer them home. Then, after a bit of cleanup and shuffling sawhorses around, we flipped this thing over! This is considered to be a milestone in the project. Most builders celebrate a bit at this point by tossing in some cushions, climbing in for the first time, and making airplane noises! I think we'll hold off on that part until I get some real seats riveted together. My daughter-in-law, Andria, helped out by holding my camera and shooting a short 26-second video. If I can figure out how to embed it here, I will. But meanwhile, click on this link to watch the video: --> Flip that Canoe!

Here it is! Yippee! Just for fun, I inserted the step to see how it looks. I'll get around to installing those soon enough.

Here are a few more shots from different angles.

I laid the floor pieces in place, too, just for fun, to see how everything looks.

Wow, hard to believe the bottom of the airplane is finished. I'm anxious now to move on and get the rest of the fuse done as well.

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