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About Us and Volkssporting

We are primarily a volkswalking club, but at times may offer swimming, skating, biking, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing.  We sponsor several types of walking events each year to share our historical landmarks, beautiful parks and neighborhoods, and many interesting communities.  Events are not competitive and times are not kept.

Most walks are 10k (6.2 miles) with 5k (3.1 miles) options.  Each walk has a starting point where you sign-in for the walk, stamp your achievement books, and pickup a map with instructions.  If you are tracking your achievements (credit walker) there is a nominal fee for each walk.  If you are not tracking your achievements (non-credit walker) the walks are free but donations are accepted.

  • Hosted Walks: are 1 or 2 day walking events with specified start and end times, which can be done at your own pace. We typically offer a 10k and a 5k marked route with maps and written instructions.
  • Self-Guided Walks: are Year-round or Seasonal 10k and 5k walks guided by maps and written instructions during daylight hours most days of the week.  You can walk at your own time and pace.  Year-round walks are typically available most days of the year.  Seasonal walks are typically available when the weather gets dryer.
  • Group Walks: are Year-round or Seasonal 10k and 5k walks starting at a specified day and time with a leader to guide participants.  Most of our group walks use one of the many self guided walks in the Portland/Vancouver area followed by a group lunch at a neighborhood restaurant.  We walk as a group rain or shine every Wednesday of the year.  Check out the schedule under Group Walking Events .  In the last couple of years we have added Hosted Group Walks during the summer months, which are Group Walks on routes that are sanctioned for a specified date and time only.
Trail Ratings (revised as of January 2012)

Each walk is rated to help determine the difficulty of the walk, trails are evaluated based on the degree of incline (part 1) and the terrain (part 2).

  • Incline 1: Very small hills or very little stair climbing. Probably suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. Elevation gain: up to 500 feet
  • Incline 2: Some moderate hills and stair climbing. Probably suitable for strollers. May not be suitable for wheelchairs. Elevation gain: 500-1500 feet
  • Incline 3: Some significant hill or stair climbing. Not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs. Elevation gain: 1500-2500 feet
  • Incline 4: Lots of significant hills or stair climbing. Elevation gain: 2500-3500 feet
  • Incline 5: Many steep hills. Elevation gain: more than 3500 feet
  • Terrain A: Almost entirely on pavement. Probably suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.
  • Terrain B: A significant part of the route is on well-groomed trails with very few obstacles. Probably suitable for strollers. May not be suitable for wheelchairs.
  • Terrain C: A significant part of the route is on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths or soft sand). Not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs
  • Terrain D: A significant part of the route is on very difficult terrain
  • Terrain E: The majority of the route is on very difficult terrain
  • A route that is mostly on flat pavement would be rated 1A
  • A beach walk would be rated 1C
  • A route with moderate hills on well-groomed trails would be rated 2B

Volkssporting is a great addition to your regular fitness routine.  It's a great way to explore new places, in your own community or communities all over the world.  It's also a great way to meet new friends and hang out with old friends.  The promise of fitness gets you started but the friends keep you coming back for more.

Volkswalking - Off the Beaten Path video


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Volkswalking - A Family Affair video


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For an extra challenge, credit walkers can get special event program books where they can earn credit for completing AVA walks that fit special classifications, for example, All 50 State Capitals and Washington, D.C., America's Baseball, Civil War Battlefields, etc.  We have indicated the Special Classifications (Challenges) that each of our walks qualify for to the best of our knowledge.

For more information about Special Event Program Challenges see below:

In the Portland - Vancouver metro area there is normally a hosted walking event(s) or group walking event sponsored by some club every weekend.  There are also more than 50 Year-Round events that can be walked at any time.  Every Wednesday a group does one of the YRE's and then goes to lunch after the walk.  All are welcome to attend.  You can find a list of upcoming walking events in Oregon and SW Washington at

There are several ways to keep current on the walks in the area. 
Go to to find out how to:

  • Subscribe to the weekly WalkList email list
  • Join the Walking Oregon and SW Washington Meetup Group
  • Follow the Oregon Walking facebook page

We are a member of the Evergreen State Volkssport Association (ESVA), the American Volkssport Association (AVA), and the Internationaler Volkssport Verband (IVV), the international parent organization.

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