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Wednesday Walks: Every Wednesday an informal group of walkers meet for a walk in the Portland-Vancouver Metro area.   There is typically a 10 km (6.2 mile) group and a 5 km (3.1 mile) group.   The starting times are at 10:00am from October through June and at 9:30am July through September unless otherwise specified.  Please arrive 10-15min before start time to signup and stamp books.  All walks are on sanctioned AVA Routes and all offer AVA/IVV credit. Most are on existing Year-Round or Seasonal routes.  Some are sanctioned as one day regular event group walks.  Following the walk, everyone is invited to attend lunch at a nearby restaurant.

    Wednesday Walk schedule provided by the Vancouver USA Volkssporters club, contact Dick Baker with feedback on walk and restaurant choices or ideas for future events  - phone: (360) 573-6048 email:   The current schedule of walks and restaurants, plus pictures from historical walks can be viewed via the following link.

Other group walks in the area can be found via the following links:

There are several ways to keep current on the walks in the area. 
Go to to find out how to:

  • Subscribe to the weekly WalkList email list
  • Join the Walking Oregon and SW Washington Meetup Group
  • Follow the Oregon Walking facebook page

Other group Activities in the area can be found via the following links:
    Trail Cleanup: To give back to the community and help keep our trails maintained, our club has adopted a section of the Burnt Bridge Trail to cleanup East of Devine Rd. We meet the first Thursday of each month at Starbucks (8302 Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver) to sign-in at our YRE. We then drive to the Burnt Bridge Trail at Doug Davis' direction.

    Scheduled Cleanups
    • 1 Feb 2018, 10 am
    • Check back later for more dates

    In 2015 our club wrote to the Vancouver mayor and city manager to point out the vandalism and trash around the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in hopes that they would target the area for more enforcement. While the Parks Department was working diligently to clean up the trail and remove tagging on many surfaces, we felt more effort should be put into enforcement to stop the acts of vandalism. We use the trail for several year round events and want to feel safe while enjoying a scenic trail that isn't defaced or polluted by vandals and homeless who frequent the area. At the time we also made a $500 donation to the Parks Association to back up our sincerity. It didn't take long before our club committee decided to adopt a section of the trail and take ownership of fixing part of the problem. Doug took the lead, as this is a project that really resonates for him. Since then we have done monthly trash pickup on a 2 mile section on the east end of the trail with the support of the Vancouver Parks and Recreation Department and the area has begun to look more inviting.

    If you have questions or would like to help please contact Doug Davis  - phone: (360)817-9143 email: .  
    Many hands make light work and you get a great walk too.

Vancouver USA Volkssporters PO Box 2121 Vancouver WA 98668-2121

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