Inglewood Grammar School

Inglewood Grammer School old photo 4

Inglewood Grammar School 

Was located at the SE corner of NE 8th St. and 228th Ave NE (currently the Safeway Shopping Center)

There were lots of children in early Inglewood, and there was a school there for them too: The Inglewood Grammar School. The school was probably built in the early 1890s -- it is documented to be in existence in 1895 -- and operated until 1920, when it  consolidated with other small area schools into the Redmond School District. It was located on the southeastern corner of  NE Eighth Street and 228th Avenue NE in Sammamish, near where the Sammamish 76 service station is located today in the Sammamish Highlands Shopping Center. Originally built as a simple log building, by 1900 the school had been replaced by a more substantial structure. The school was a traditional one-room school, complete with cloakroom and porch in the newer building.  One teacher taught students from first through eighth grades, and the students were seated in rows according to their grade. 

Inglewood Grammer School with students

Inglewood Grammer School Students
About 1910, Anna Clark Fortescue taught there; in her last year she had 24 students, which included five Native Americans. Fortescue said she was so busy with the full class that she had some of her older students help with the teaching. The school’s students lived near the foot of Inglewood Hill and up on the Plateau itself.  Students living farther north and west in Inglewood (near the shingle mill, for example) attended closer schools in Redmond and Happy Valley. 

Inglewood Grammer School old photo

The Inglewood Grammar School closed in 1920 but served as a community center later in the decade. Around 1930 Floyd and Ruby Eddy bought the land and made the building their home for four or five years. Later in the thirties the building was rather ignominiously converted to a chicken coop and eventually fell into disuse. The building itself survived into the 1970s before collapsing from neglect, and is still remembered by many today living on the Sammamish Plateau. 

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