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The Eddy Family

Eddy Family

Eddy 1
Sam Dorman and Floyd Eddy at the Eddy house.
Eddy 2
Bessie Eddy and George, Jr., June 20, 1920. George was not quite 10 months old.
Eddy 3
Elmer Eddy at Eddy barn with horse.
Eddy 4
George Edwin Eddy and Bessie Irene Miller. Wedding picture, February 21, 1904. Bessie's wedding dress was brown; she made it herself.
Eddy 5
Chevrolet advertisement, Summer 1923, featuring "The Eddy Dozen."
Eddy 6
The Eddy House. The house is located on 218th Ave. SE and is still in use.
Eddy 7
Floyd and Ruby Eddy. Wedding picture, May 4, 1928.
Eddy 8
Ruby Peck Howatson Eddy. High school graduation picture.

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