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Italian Language Schools in Italy:

Italian Language Schools in Italy: Sicily
Are you looking for a place to study Italian intensively abroad, perhaps looking for a total immersion course with native speakers? Or maybe you want to take a vacation in Italy, and while enjoying the sights, learn enough Italian to help you get by in your explorations. We have collected here a number of Italian language schools of various levels of intensity in a variety of areas in Italy, to help you find the destination of your choice.

We are now offering featured listings for language schools at a rate of $50 for 3 months or $145 for a year. The featured listings will be shown at the top of the school page for the appropriate geographic area, with additional space and written and graphic image content of your choosing, edited to fit in the space allotted. To get your listing, contact Ken Tomkins at multilingualbooks.@yahoo.com.

If you would like to submit a regular listing to include in these pages, just use our Foreign Language Schools Entry Form to send the information on your school program.

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Schools in Sicily

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Our courses of Italian are held in our Italian language school located in the heart of Taormina. Our Italian language course program has been developed from a communicative based approach and focuses on the four language abilities (listening, speaking, reading, writing). The anaytical activities includes controlled oral and written production, while the communicative tasks involve listening and reading comprehension and free oral and written activities. The instructors rotate weekly to add variety and interest to the group dynamic. Grammatical structures are presented in order of frequency and relative complexity. The material is always introduced in some form of authentic text (newspaper or magazine article, taped dialogue, video-taped situation, letter, short story, etc.). Progress is monitored and all teachers meet weekly to facilitate organization and ensure proper student placement.
Location: Taormina
Email: info@babilonia.it

Here's the innovative idea of halisaClub: study Italian in a "context of learning" similar to that of the ancient Greek "Gimnasium"! You won't take lessons in traditional, boring classrooms, Instead you'll find our teachers in "halisaClub's didactic areas" outdoors, near the guest residences for halisaClub's students by the sea. With the School without walls you'll stay with us very often, even beyond your lessons; in this way we'll help you to learn Italian with a technique called "continuous learning", and you'll spend your vacation in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with dinners, group activities, cultural excursions and many other initiatives!
Location: Bagheria
Email: info@halisaclub.it

International House Palermo
There are eight levels of courses, from Real Beginners to Advanced. The courses are for students of eighteen years of age and above. For levels from Elementary upwards an entry test is necessary to assess the level of the student and to place the student in the correct class at the appropriate level. Class numbers range from a minimum of three to a maximum of 12 students. The length of each lesson varies from three lessons per day to four lessons per day during which the student will be able to explore different aspects of the language including: speaking, reading, writing and listening.
Location: Palermo
Email: ihpalermo@ihpalermo.it

Kulturforum is an Italian language school and cultural institute where alongside learning Italian you can meet and exchange experiences with local people who share the same interest as you in the italian language and the culture of other countries. Not only does the school specialise in teaching Italian as a foreign language but it also offers English, German, Spanish, French courses as well as several cultural events. These include art exhibitions, lectures, meetings and film evenings which open up Italian culture to other nationalities and enable Italians to experience other cultures.
Location: Cefalu
Email: info@kulturforum.it

Laboratorio Linguistico
Both the school in Milazzo and the one in Lipari are located in the centre of town, in short walking distance from the ports. The main historical, archaeological and scenic sites, as well as the beautiful beaches, sport fields, discos, pubs, restaurants and shops, can all be easily reached from the school. The courses are divided into four levels, each lesson lasts 45 minutes and the maximum number of students in each class is 7-9. Our methods, using modern teaching techniques, are aimed towards developing the ability to communicate both orally and in written form. Several teachers are involved in each course, in order to provide the students with the opportunity to experience various teaching methods and spoken accents. In order to relate the learning of the language to the Italian culture itself, our school organises seminars on several topics such as Italian art, history, cinema, music, cooking and traditions.
Location: Milazzo, Lipari
Email: info@laboratoriolinguistico.com

Our extensive range of Italian programmes has been designed to ensure that the specific needs of each individual are met: general Italian and Italian for business, internship experience, academic studies in Italy, optional art courses, vocational programmes in fine arts, design, culinary arts and a residential summer programme for juniors by the sea. Our modern communicative approach is conceived to stimulate your interest in learning our language. The course contents cover all aspects of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing. We usually concentrate on grammar in the first part of the classes with freer practice and skills work in the later parts. All our teachers have professional teaching qualifications and are selected for their enthusiasm as well as their ability. Friendly and accessible, they appreciate the needs of students and take an active role in planning courses.
Location: Syracuse
Email: info@linguaviva.it

Solemar Sicilia
We offer language courses, accommodation, Bed & Breakfast, holiday flats and guided tours. Our well trained teachers claim the most extensive experience in the instruction of the Italian language, known as L2 in Sicily, and have a degree in literary subjects. They constantly update their knowledge about current teaching proposals and didactical instruments. They deal with courses of all levels: ranging from that of absolute beginners level to the preparatory one for those who wish to teach the Italian language abroad. The teaching methodology follows the most advanced research lines of glottodidactic and developes, equally, all the linguistic abilities: reading, writing, listening and comprehension and, stressing most of all, fluency in oral production. All didactic materials are provided free of charge by the school.
Location: Mongerbino/Aspra, Cefalu
Email: info@solemar-sicilia.it

Ulisse is a cultural centre whose aim is to spread the Italian language and culture all over the world, through the organisation of Italian language courses in Sicily, a region which boasts the most ancient poetic tradition in Italy, and particularly in Catania, where the first Sicilian University was founded. Set in this environment of cultural tradition, with a wealth of natural and artistic beauty, our Centre offers its experience and competence to all those who are interested in discovering the real Sicily.
Location: Catania
Email: ulisse@destilia.it

University of Catania - Foreign School of Italian Language and Culture
Study Italian language and culture in Sicily, in one of the island's most beautiful cities. The School of Italian Language and Culture for Foreign Learners is part of the University of Catania, located in the heart of the old city. The school offers winter and summer courses. They are 40-hour courses specifically designed to stimulate gradual and effective learning. As well as regular language courses the School offers also afternoon workshops, and training courses for teachers of Italian as L2.
Location: Catania
Email: italstra@unict.it

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