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Goose Hollow Inn was opened in 1967 by Bud Clark. Bud is known for being the model for the poster "Expose Yourself to Art" and also for being the Mayor of Portland Oregon from 1984 through 1992.

The Goose is now owned and operated by the Clark family.  We continue to thrive thanks to the talents of a free-spirited dedicated and cohesive staff, Goose family, and clientele.

We welcome tens of thousands of people, young and old- and from a diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints- through our doors each year.  Bud's matchbook declaration continues as our business creed:

"Dedicated to Quality Draft, Fine Food, Pleasant Music, and Stimulating Company.  We're also dedicated to extremes of opinion, hoping that a livable marriage will result.  If physical violence is your nature, either develop your verbal abilities or leave. "

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Goose Hours:
Open 7 days a week

Sat-Thur 11am - Midnight
Friday 11am - 1am

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