Goose History
        In May of 1967, Bud Clark bought Ann's Tavern on 19th and Southwest Jefferson from Ann Fairfax Wilson and changed the name of the establishment to the Goose Hollow Inn. The moniker Goose Hollow refers to the neighborhood area as it was known in the 1890's.  Various women raised geese around Tanner Creek at the foot of the West Hills.  The location was a commons.  An argument developed over whose geese belonged to whom.  The Oregonian newspaper ran an article covering the dispute in which it referred to the area a s "Goose Hollow". But the name was lost during a half century of dramatic development in the area.  Bud chose the name Goose Hollow Inn for his tavern in the interest of rekindling civic regard for the neighborhood and its history.
        Prior to the Goose Hollow Inn, Bud ran a tavern called the Spatenhaus, located at SW 3rd and Market, on the location of what is now the Ira Keller Fountain.  The Spatenhaus was closed due to Urban Renewal on November 29th, 1967.
        Much of the Goose Hollow Inn's menu came from the Spatenhaus, as did many customers.  Bud found the Reuben Sandwich recipe in Sunset Magazine.  The Pizza Sandwich was suggested by Herb Shapiro, a customer who put pizza sauce on bread ends when he came for lunch.  June Watson, a customer who became an employee, brought the recipe for potato salad and her husband Jim made the salad for the Goose for many years.  The Roast Beef Sandwich came from two customers.  George Lee and Dick Ausman.  Bud generally resisted expanding the Spatenhaus menu due to the expenses of excessive variety and the limited kitchen and equipment.  Bud was overridden on matter of the roast beef sandwich when he went on a vacation to Mexico.  While Bud was gone, George who's Chinese, and Dick, who might be taken for Jewish, cooked roast beef using a small rotisserie in the morning to have ready for sandwiches at lunch, calling the dish Beef by Ginsberg and Wong.  The Roast Beef Sandwich has been on the menu ever since.
        Bud ran the Goose during the 1970's and early 80's and during that time, Budweiser recognized the Goose for selling more beer per square foot than any other tavern in the United States.
        Bud's wife Sigrid assumed management of the Goose when Bud ran for Mayor of Portland in 1984.  in 1986 Sigrid built the deck, which proved a great success.  Bud liked to kid Sigrid that the change in square footage affected the beer statistic.
        In the eight years that Bud was Mayor, drinking habits and tastes changed.  Three beers were on tap when Bud became Mayor, and this grew to twelve..  Sigrid added quality bottled wines,. Rachel, Bud's Daughter, managed the Goose for two years and added Rachel's Reuben and other vegetarian items to the menu.
        When the eclectic customers from the Spatenhaus moved to the Goose in 1967, a few of Ann's customers tried to start fights with them.  That's when Bud wrote "Enjoy the Goose Hollow Inn, named to rejuvenate the history and stimulate the continuity of one of Portland's famous geographic areas.  We are dedicated to Quality Draft, Fine Food, Pleasant Music, and Stimulating Company.  We are also dedicated to extremes of opinion, hoping that a livable marriage will result.  if physical violence is your nature, either develop your verbal ability or leave."

People continue to meet at the Goose Hollow Inn for al of the reasons above and more.  Come visit us.

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