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CARL RYDER Sport Pilot CFI- Weight-Shift Control

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Carl on his way to Oshkosh

      Flying to Oshkosh from Eastern Washington was a trip of a lifetime.  1400 miles.  I've done it twice.  Basicly it was just three days of nice flying.  We planned it well, had escape routes and safety zones identified, and a chase vehicle in case we had to bail.

     I've always enjoyed doing things that made life real.  Flying a trike or an ultralight is real life flying.  No box around me, thank you.  I want to be there.  Flying a real airplane is like playing a video game.  Like the difference between a motorcycle and a car, you just can't compare.  If you need to be somewhere on a schedule you need an airplane.  If you want to experience the true feeling of flying, I suggest something a little more simple.  

  Safety is my bottom line.   If you want to do stunts and show off or be an outlaw, I can't help you, I've buried enough friends.   If you want to fly, as a safe responsible member of our community, I can show you a fabulous time.  Flying a trike is so much safer than riding a motorcycle.  Trikes are actually one of the safest aircraft you can fly, intrinsically safer than fixed wing aircraft.   Most accidents are caused by pilot err.  Trike's slower speed and superior gliding and handling, greatly increase the chances of a positive outcome, when you do make one of those silly little mistakes.   Like many things in life, flying Trikes will be as safe as you make it.  That's what the instruction and support are about.  Learning by other peoples mistakes.

    I can teach and help you maintain and inspect your trike, and provide the maintenance and repairs that are beyond your abilities.  I can help you keep flying safely for many many years.  I don't want to just sell you a trike, I want to sell you a dream.  A Dream you will enjoy for many years to come.

Carl and Buddy's Hanger in Concrete

    Unless you really know what you're doing, don't buy a used trike from someone you don't know.  Don't buy a good deal.  Most used trikes will cost you more in the long run as you repair and replace the worn or defective parts.  It requires experience to determine the extent you can ignore Manufacturers recommendations.  Buy a new trike from someone who can give you the support you will need.  Unlike cars, you can't just take it to the local mechanic.  

   AirBorne Trikes are not cheep ultralights.  If you fly any light aircraft you need to have maximum confidence in your equipment.  I'm not interested in a good deal, I want the Very Best.  I want the most reliable and time proven.  My life is worth a lot to me. AirBorne's Trikes have been engineered to aircraft standards all along.  The 912 XT reflects many great improvements over their previous 582 Classic model.  Nothing was compromised in the process.  They didn't need to.  They made the best even better.

    Where as the 582 Classic was designed to fit the two place ultralight exemption, the 912 XT is designed for the Sport Pilot rule.  The 912XT has a 450 mile range with it's 18 gal fuel capacity.  The 912XT is faster,  more reliable, quieter and easier to fly.  The 582 Classic is a wonderful machine for the weekend pilot, I still have mine.    

     If you are a serious triker,  you need a 912.  But you'd know that.

Carl Ryder
Concrete Airport, WA
Richland Airport, WA
360 202-7988

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