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AirBorne Edge 912XT with Streak III wing

 AIRBORNE   Edge 912XT with STREAK III Wing, N-numbered ELSA.  YELLOW.   $65,500

  These beautiful trikes have been upgraded and improved for the new Light Sport Rule that allows a Rotax 912 UL, 4 cycle, 4 cylinder Engine.  The best you can get for reliability and fuel economy.  You can't beat an Airborne 912XT.   With it's high performance Streak III wing it can climb at 1200 to 1500 fpm, and cruses at 65 to 70 mph.  An 18 gallon fuel tank gives it a 450 mile range.

   This trike comes complete with BRS 1050 Emergency Parachute System, MicroAir Radio, Transponder and Lynx Power Interface.  It has Strobes high and low and Nav lights on the wing tips.  The price includes a new Deluxe Lynx Dual Helmets and Headsets package and Airhog Dust Cover.  Current retail price includes many options...$65,500.

Expensive, you bet.  Prices just keep going up. Delays keep getting longer. I have to make enough to replace this Trike and justify the 3 months wait, if I'm lucky, for the next one.  Don't be surprised if I don't want to sell this even at this price.

AirBorne Edge 912 XT with Streak III wing

  This year I needed to have a Special LSA Trike for certified flight instruction.  It would've been an Airborne 912XT pretty much just like this one.  

This is my used AIRBORNE Edge  912XT   with  a Streak III wing.  N-numbered ELSA with Training Allowance removed.  It's Blue and has about 450 total hours.  This was my current trainer.  All the great benefits of the 912XT, plus this Trike is tried and true. Well cared for and well maintained.  I'm currently putting it on my new shark floats floats.

  This trike has a lot of great options.  It comes with:

Microair 760 Radio and Lynx Intercom Radio/Interface 
BRS 1050 Emergency Parchute System.      
NEW Lynx Dual Helmets and Headset package.

It was only $46,750.  But now it's partly disassembled as I fit the new shark floats to it.  This price is going to look even better as you find out how much trouble and delay a new one is going to be.

I'll still always be available to help my previous customers with any problems that might come up.

New motto is "Get it while you can,  you snooze you loose".

Carl Ryder
Concrete, WA
Richland, WA
360 202-7988

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