Using a .htaccess file

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Many Directory level configuration changes can be made to your Domain hosting using a .htaccess file. Common functions include http redirection or password protecting a page. (You can find specific instructions for password protection here)

You can create a .htaccess file for each directory in your webhosting space if you wish.

Using a text editor such as Notepad create a file called .htaccess. (The file extension is .htaccess. It is not file.htaccess or somepage.htaccess, it is simply named .htaccess.) There is a chance that your text editor will add its default file extension to the name (ex: Notepad might call the file .htaccess.txt). You need to remove the .txt (or other) file extension in order for it to function.

Please note that we do not provide support on coding .htaccess files. We provide this information as a courtesy recommendation to our customers.