Online Account Tools

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What are "Online Account Tools"?
Online account tools are tools available at that can help you make changes or update your account along with better understand or pay your Infinity Internet bill.

Where can I locate the online account tools?
Just go to and log in. Some account tools are located on the main My account page, other tools are located under the "billing information" link.

What can I change online?
Bellow is a detailed list of all the features on the main page of "My Account"
  1. Change Password: You can easily change your password online, just click on the Change Password link from the main "My Account" page. Please be aware that you must already be logged in to change your password, if you have lost your password please click here.
  2. Change e-mail: This option allows you to change an e-mail address on your account to a different address. Please be aware that dialup users may be charged a fee for changing their e-mail address on any day other then the 1st.
  3. View Usage: This link takes you to a page with several options they include Dialup, DSL data, disk quota, dedicated server, and MySQL. These links can prove useful on keeping track of usage of services provided by Infinity Internet and preventing overage charges (on rates overage charges apply to).
  4. Add Services: This page is a quick and easy way to purchase new Infinity services or upgrade your current ones.
  5. E-mail Accounts: This link provides access to spam filtering settings , deleting all e-mail, setting up forwards and auto responders, adding mailboxes or managing existing mailboxes on the account.
Bellow is a list of all the features located under "Billing Information" on the main page.
  1. Make a payment: This page allows for payments to be made on outstanding/open invoices on the account. This is a very quick and easy way to make payments.
  2. Account Information: This page allows you to change your address, phone number, and update your method of payment (credit card, paper, email, etc). It also allows you to see the name on the account, account balance, and contact e-mail.
  3. Easypay: This page allows you to sign up for Easypay. To find out more about Easypay click here.
  4. View Payments: This page shows you many of your payments done by any method. This can be useful to keep track of all your payments to Infinity Internet throughout the year for tax reasons.
  5. View Invoices: This page has listings of past and current invoices for the account you are logged in as.
  6. View Services: This page shows the service rate, the username associated with it, the billing dates, the renewal frequency (in months), and price. This is helpful in keeping track of what you have on your Infinity Internet account.
  7. Update Credit Card: The page allows you to update your credit card that you have on file with us.
  8. Referral Program: This page can be used for tracking past and pending credits for referring someone to our service.
  9. Overage notification: This can be used for changing options regarding Dialup or Disk space overage messages.
Need more help?
Some changes can not be made online such as changes to the name on the account or the contact e-mail, for these changes you may need to contact support directly. You can do this by e-mail at , through live chat, or by phone at 800-689-4303