Windows: Setup Opera 9

Article ID: 770

Opera 9 Setup:

  1. Open up Opera 9.

  2. Click Tools on the top and select Mail and Chat accounts.

  3. Press Yes on the pop up windows.

  4. Highlight Regular e-mail (POP) and press Next.

  5. For Real Name: Enter your name into this field, For E-mail address: Enter your full e-mail address. For Organization leave that blank.

  6. For the Login Name: Enter your full e-mail address. For the Password: Field type in your full password, if you do not know this you can contact our technical support for assistance with this. Our contact information is located > HERE < Then press Next.

  7. For Incoming Server: Enter Check the box that says Use Secure Connection TLS and uncheck the option for Leave Messages on the Server. The Outgoing Server Field should say Press Finish.

  8. You are now setup, enjoy your e-mail account. If you have any other issues you can find additional support articles at