Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery FAQ

Q: How do I add the Infinity photo gallery to my web hosting plan?
A: The Infinity photo gallery is not automatically enabled with your web hosting plan.

Follow these steps to add the photo gallery:

  1. Login to the My Account page, and click on the "Add Services" button

  2. Place a check mark in the box for photo gallery

  3. Type in the password that you wish to use to administer the photo gallery

    Note: There is about a 5-10 minute delay between signing up for the photo gallery and it being available.

  4. In your Web browser, type in your domain followed by /gallery.
    (Examples: or

  5. Login and start using the photo gallery by following the instructions within the photo gallery.

Q: Is ImageMagick installed on your servers?
A: Yes! ImageMagick is installed and available for use with our Unix shared web hosting plans.

Binaries are located in /usr/local/bin

Read about ImageMagick