Slow Dialup Connection

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Why is my connection so slow?

The first question to ask yourself is, has the connection always been slow or has there been a noticeable decrease in speed over time? If your speed has always been consistently slow, there is a distinct possibility that nothing you do will improve your connection due to limitations of the technology. For more detailed information, see our 56k FAQ.

There are a few things we can try to improve your connection, especially if you have had better speeds in the past.

Step 1
Verify your DNS settings are correct. Trying to browse the web with incorrect DNS settings is like trying to drive somewhere with an outdated map. You may or may not get there and if you do, it's going to take longer than it should.

Step 2
It is possible that your current dial-up connection has become corrupted over time and is no longer functioning at it's best. You can download our Dialup Wizard (currently Windows only) to create a new dial-up connection.

Step 3
Try resetting your modem. To do this, please do the following:
(This is assuming you are running a Windows computer.)

1. Click on START
2. Click on RUN
3. Type: hypertrm
4. Connection name = abc, click OK
5. Connection number = 123, click OK
6. Click CANCEL
7. In this screen please type the following (first line of text may not print on screen)
a. atz hit ENTER
b. at&f hit ENTER
c. at&w hit ENTER
8. Close the window
a. We DO want to disconnect
b. We DO NOT want to save
9. You will then want to SHUTDOWN your computer and keep it off for at least 3 minutes

If none of this works, then we can check for other programs taking up all your bandwidth.
The most common programs to this will be some kind of virus or Trojan. To check for these, you will want to install some kind of anti-virus software, and update it weekly.
There is a free online virus scanner located at

There are also programs called ad-ware or spy-ware, you can check with these with a program called Ad-Aware, you can acquire this free program from Please keep in mind that we do not officially support any 3rd party software, but will do our best to try and help.