Dialup Error Codes

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Common Dial up Networking Error Codes

Errors 600 through 649
Almost all of these are "hardware" related. Meaning that the modem itself is not responding properly to Windows. The only thing you can really do here is "reset" your modem. And the best way to do that is to turn it off for about 3 minutes. It is often said that it takes 200 seconds for all the static electricity to dry up in the motherboard of the average computer. So the 3 minute rule applies here. Turn the machine off for 3 minutes, and then try again. If it continues happening, the modem may be in trouble.

Errors 650 through 699

Errors 700 and up
This series of errors started in the early Windows NT days, and the one thing about them is that they were more definitive than before. This helped identify the issues faster. But since not many of us have NT, these are rare. But when they show up, they are nice and specific.

The Wordy Errors
These are often an extension of the other errors above. The likes of "the computer is not receiving a response from the (other) modem"; "The computer you're dialing into is not responding" (notice similarity to previous one); "You have been disconnected from the computer you dialed"; and so on. These are not incorrect messages by any stretch of the imagination, as they DO reflect the conditions fairly well. However they do not provide more detail that would be more indicative of the issues. For example, both of the first ones could be a phone line issue, just as easily as it could be a modem driver issue ... in other words, how can the other computer respond, if it is not getting enough data to respond to through the phone line?

These are probably the most common errors that are related to modems in a Windows environment. In all cases, "resetting" the modem is a good thing, and may bring things back up to normal, however, if they continuously appear, then you know that something needs to be done about it. And the good thing is that for the most part this all can be done easily enough.