Dialup Connection Disconnected Frequently

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Why am I frequently disconnected from the Internet?

Why does my connection not work as well as it used to?

Occasional disconnects are a fact of life on the Internet. Frequent disconnects, however, are an annoyance. Often, the root cause of frequent disconnects can be found and remedied.

Step 1
First, let's rule out the various factors that can cause problems with your dial-up connection: Step 2
(For Windows users only) One of the easiest ways to solve most connection problems is to simply create a brand new dial up connection on your computer. It is very common for the connection to be misconfigured in some way or just simply corrupted. In fact, the vast majority of dial-up connection issues we handle on a daily basis are resolved by simply deleting the existing Infinity Internet connection and walking people through creating a new one. Instead of spending a lot of time digging through all of the settings on your computer, you can download the IINET Dialup Wizard Program. This is a very small file that will create a new Infinity Internet connection on your computer with all of the correct settings that are optimized for best performance.

Step 3
You can verify that your connection settings are configured properly.

If after following these steps, you are still experiencing problems with getting disconnected, feel free to contact our Technical Support department for further troubleshooting.