Windows: Setup Netscape 7.x

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Netscape 7.x Mail Setup:

  1. Open up Netscape Mail.

  2. Select Edit at the top, then select Mail & Newsgroups account settings.

  3. Press the Add Account button in the lower left.

  4. Select E-mail Account and press Next.

  5. In the Your Name: Field type in your name. In the E-mail Address: Field type in your whole e-mail address. Press Next.

  6. Select the option at the top that says POP. For your Incoming Server: Enter For the Outgoing Server: Enter Press Next.

  7. For both the Incoming User Name: and Outgoing User Name: Enter your full e-mail address. Press Next.

  8. Your Account Name: Should be already have your full e-mail address listed. Press Next.

  9. Press Finish.

  10. Select the option on the left side that says, Outgoing Server (SMTP) The Server Name should be the Port should be 25. The Use Name and Password should be checked and the User Name: should have your full e-mail address entered. The Use Secure Connection: Should have the option TLS Selected. Press OK.

    Note: Some other ISP's (I.E. Comcast, Qwest, Century Tel and many others.) Tend to block port 25 to all outgoing mail servers except there own. If you have any issues you can try Port # 587 As a last resort, if all else fails, you can convert back to port 25; however port 25 will only work if you are connected to the Infinity Internet Network.

  11. The first time you try to Send or Receive e-mail it will ask you for your password. Enter your password and you can check the box if you wish thunderbird to remember the password and never ask you for it. If you do not know your password you can contact our technical support for assistance with this. Our contact information is located > HERE <

  12. You are now setup, enjoy your e-mail account. If you have any other issues you can find additional support articles at

    NOTE* Netscape is no longer maintained by its creator, We highly suggest updating to a new e-mail client such as Thunderbird Which can be downloaded for free from *NOTE