800 Dialup Access

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  1. What number do I use to access the 800 Dialup Access service?

  2. Do I have to use the "800 dialer"
    No you don't, but we provide it for ease of use. It is only compatible with Windows.

  3. After you signup for the 800 Dialup Access service in the My Account area under the "Add Services" button, you can use the default dialer in any operating system

  4. How do I signup for it?
    You must signup through the My Account area under the "Add Services" button
    You must be setup up for automatic Credit Card or Easy Pay billing

  5. How much does it cost?
    There is no monthly or setup charges.
    It is billed $0.10 per minute, by the minute

  6. Where can I download the 800 dialer after I signup?
    After signing up you are prompted to download the dialer.
    The dialer is also available for download HERE
    * Requires Windows 95 or newer

  7. Where can I use this service?
    You can use the 800 Dialup Access service anywhere in the United States or Canada that we don't already have a dialup number.