IINet Popup Blocker

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The IINet Popup blocker runs in the system tray and blocks unwanted pop-up's.

IINet Popup Blocker
IINet Popup Blocker automatically starts when you open Internet Explorer.
You will see the IINet Popup Blocker icon in the system tray as shown above.

1. Where can I get the IINet Popup Blocker?
Download the latest version by clicking HERE.

2. Does IINet Popup Blocker work with Netscape browser?
No. The current version of IINet Popup Blocker works with Internet Explorer browser.

3. Why does IINet Popup Blocker not run when I start IE 5.00?
Internet Explorer 5.00 has a bug which may prevent IINet Popup Blocker from automatically running when Internet Explorer starts. Microsoft corrected this bug in version 5.01. The latest version of Internet Explorer is always available at Microsoft's website.

4. How to uninstall IINet Popup Blocker?
You can go to "Start" -> "(All) Programs" -> "IINet" -> "Popup Blocker" to run "uninstall" to uninstall IINet Popup Blocker.

Or go to "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel", then Click "Add/Remove Programs", then select "IINet Popup Blocker" to remove.

5. When I start Internet Explorer, I do not see the IINet Popup Blocker icon in my system tray and IINet Popup Blocker does not block pop-up windows. What can I do?
First, uninstall IINet Popup Blocker and reinstall it. If the problem does not go away, you will need to make sure the option "Enable third-party extensions" is selected in the Internet Explorer settings. You can find this option under "Tools" -> "Internet Options" under the Advanced tab. Make sure the option is checked.

6. One of the web sites that I normally visit isn't working right. How can I remove it from the privacy blocking list?
Some web sites might require your browser to "play nice" with a server from a domain that has been placed in the Restricted sites zone. For example, a web site might complain that it can't place a "cookie" on you hard drive, or that it can't use Java, and that it needs to do one of these things in order for the page to work. Perhaps you try to launch a streaming audio file by clicking on a link, and the link doesn't appear to work.

If you trust the web site, you can try removing the offending domain entry from the Restricted sites zone:
  1. Identify which domain (e.g., or is being restricted.
  2. Open "View" or Tools," then "Internet Options," then click the "Security" tab.
  3. Select the Restricted sites zone and then click "Sites." A list of all the domains in the Restricted sites zone will appear.
  4. Scroll down until you find the offending entry and click "Remove."
  5. Click "OK" to accept your changes.
  6. Clear your "Temporary Internet Files" (on the "General" page of "Internet Options").
  7. Click "OK" to close the "Internet Options" settings box.
  8. Now try reloading the page.

7. How do I know if IINet Popup Blocker is active or not?
If the icon appears in the system tray is , IINet Popup Blocker is active and will intelligently block popups. If the icon in the system tray is , IINet Popup Blocker is inactive and popup windows will be allowed.

8. What can I do if IINet Popup Blocker blocks a new browser window to open in Outlook or an Instant Message?
In general IINet Popup Blocker should allow a new browser window to open when you click a link in email or chat. If it doesn't, you can always hold down the CTRL key (or the Shift key) and click on the link to bring up the new browser window.

9. How can I allow some web sites to display popup windows?
Right click the IINet Popup Blocker icon and select "Blocked Popups" to "Add Link to White List" or "Add Site to White List". For example, when "" is selected, "Add Link to White List" means the full link. "Add Site to White List" means "".

-- Or --

Right click the IINet Popup Blocker icon and select "White List" to add web site allowing popup window. When you add a web site, you should specify the full name of the web site. For example, you should specify a web site as "" or "" rather than simply "". Then Zerop Popup will then have a fine filter to control the popups.

10. What kinds of Hot Keys are there?

11. How can I contact you for further questions?
If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us by Live Chat, Email, or Phone.