Uploading Files To Your Website Domain

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How to upload files to your domain hosting web space:
- (http://www.yourdomain.com)

You will first need an FTP program.
- FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is how files are transferred from your computer to the server hosting your website

We provide a web based FTP program for your use. You can access this by browsing to myaccount.iinet.com (or clicking the My Account link at the top of this page) and selecting "domain manager". Once in the domain manager select "Upload files" and enter your username and password.

Other Common FTP programs for windows are:
FTP Programs for Macintosh include:
To connect to your web space, you will need these settings: You will then need to place your files in the correct directory which is "/public_html".

*Please Note*
For redundancy and security we highly recommend that you keep a back up all website files on your local disk.

After you files are uploaded you can browse to them at:


For instructions using a specific FTP program, please start by selecting which operating system you're using.

Windows Apple

If you are unable to see your site, please verify that your "main" page is name "index.html". The index page is the page that will come up by default.