Secure Server For Domain Hosting

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What is it for?
If you are looking to do business or perform other secure transactions on your web site, we offer a secure server option so that you can perform encrypted (secure) transactions.

How does it work?
The secure server is set up to process CGI POST submissions over the web in a secure fashion. It works with your normal virtual server, which handles all HTML content up to the POST command.

Our secure server uses SSL to transmit the encrypted data. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a protocol developed for secure transactions across the Web. It uses a form of public key encryption, where the information can be encoded by the browser using a publicly available public key, but can only be decoded by the server that has the corresponding private key. Our server can decode the output and provide the information to you.

For example, if someone orders your product with a credit card through an order form on your Web site, anybody can intercept this data in transit from the customer to you. By using Infinity Internet secure servers, you do not need to obtain your own security certificates or work with any additional companies to provide these services for your customers. We take care of all the details!

How do I set it up?
Choose the type of Web Hosting account you have:

Shared Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting