Add a Mailbox

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How do I get an additional e-mail address?
You can contact our Sales department and we can add one or more mailboxes to your current account. Or, you may also sign up for an additional email address from the My Account page under the Email Accounts button. In the Email Accounts section, when you click on the Add a Mailbox button, the webpage should tell you the number of free email addresses left.  You should log in as the main email address on the account to use this function.

$30.00 yearly
Must be on a Form of Autopay

If your only service is email, please note that the mailbox must be billed annually, and the account must be on automatic Credit Card billing.

How do I setup my additional mailbox?
We have instructions located > HERE < for many of the more popular e-mail clients to setup the e-mail box. If you have any issues setting these up please feel free to contact us any time. Our contact information is located > HERE <.