Terminal Services Client Configuration pt. 3

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Note: To change the settings for this connection, Open the "Client Connection Manager" then right-click on the icon and select "Properties".

Connecting to your server:

Open the "Client Connection Manager". Double-click the icon for your server.

After connecting, you have full control over the server. However, the desktop you see is not exactly the one that is open on the server itself. Terminal Services logs in separately as a new session. However, everything you do in the Terminal Services session will be executed on the server.

Disconnecting from your server:

Start > Shut Down >

Log off: This shuts down all applications and terminates your Terminal Services session.
Shut down: Shuts down the computer and does not give you a way to restart the computer.
Restart: Restarts the computer and breaks your Terminal Services connection. You will be able to reconnect once the server reboots.
Disconnect: Same as logging off, but leaves your applications open.