Terminal Services Client Configuration pt. 2

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Start > Programs > "Terminal Services Client". Double-click on "Client Connection Manager".

Click the New Connection button:

Click "Next".

"Connection name": Type the name of your server.
"Server name or IP address": Enter the IP address of the Terminal Services Server. If you're on a LAN, you can use the local IP numbers such as "192.168.1.xxx". If you are on a WAN or the Internet, enter your WAN IP address since LAN IP numbers are not accessible from the WAN. Click "Next"

For security reasons, this option is not recommended. Click "Next".

Choose a Screen Size. A lower setting is recommended for slower connections. Click "Next".

Both of these options are recommended regardless of your connection speed. Click "Next"

This is optional. Click "Next"

Click "Next".

Click "Finish".

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