Checking Email Away From Home

How can I check my e-mail when I am at work?

How can I check my e-mail when I'm traveling?

Infinity Internet has a Webmail page that allows you to send and receive your e-mail when you are away from your home computer. While this Webmail program is nice, it is NOT designed to replace your e-mail program. The safest place for your e-mail is at home, downloaded through your e-mail program, such as Outlook Express or Eudora. Thus, this Webmail program is designed as a "backup" or "vacation option" for you, so that you can always keep in touch with your e-mail account when circumstances make it difficult to do from your own computer.

Location and Login:

All usernames/logins and passwords are "character sensitive". What that means is that your information has to be spelled out correctly with the proper upper/lower case information. In other words, Snoopy and snoopy and $sn00P1 are NOT the same login, or password.

When you first login to your account, you will see the first page of the list of e-mails on your mailbox. By default, these pages display 15 e-mails per page ... a small enough number that it will not over burden your browser and computer with display related problems. Here are the things to know about your mailbox, AS DISPLAYED by this program:

1. List is from NEW to OLD. First message is newest. Last message listed is the oldest. (Your e-mail program tries to download from the Oldest to the Newest)
2. By default, It does not show the SIZE of each e-mail. (Click HERE for information on changing Webmail Options.)
3. Unread - Displayed in BOLD (not Normal) in the e-mail list
4. Read - Displayed in a Normal font style (not BOLD) in the mail list
5. Read/Unread - Means that you have opened the e-mail or not. It is a quick way to let you know if you have already seen that one e-mail or not. This will NOT affect your e-mail downloads..

What now? What can you do?
There are many things that can be done with Webmail:

1. Make it easy. Mark the spam. Hit Delete. Your list of mails will get smaller and more manageable.
2. After you read some messages, you decide you don't need them. Mark them and Delete them.
3. Now, on the Left of the program are some small markings. Hit Refresh Folder List. When the Trash list comes up, hit Purge. This cleans up the stuff you removed, so it does not block space on your mailbox.
4. Compose that mail you needed to send out and send it.

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