Dedicated Server Patching

Server reliability, security and stability are top priorities at Infinity. The following is an outline of Infinity’s server patching policy and process.

Monthly Patching Windows:

  • Linux-based servers are patched on the second Sunday of every month, beginning at 10 AM.
  • Windows-based servers are patched on the third Thursday of every month, beginning at 11 PM.

Patching is conducted once per month as noted above; therefore there may be times either before or after the patching window when the server generates an alert that updates are available. Patches and updates are released by the OS provider at various intervals throughout any given month, and during the patching window we strive to update your server(s) to the most current release available. Patches are applied in strict accordance to the release date from the OS provider.

Given the nature of certain patches released by the OS provider, we are unable to skip certain patches upon specific request to do so. That said we encourage you to log in to your server(s) and view pending available updates prior to the monthly patching window. While we support all Windows and Linux OS functionality, we have no way to know how a particular patch will impact your software application(s). If you have concerns and wish to skip patching until further review can be made, we will require notice 48 hours in advance to the patching maintenance window. We recommend all customers maintain regular backups, and suggest a current backup be made prior to the patching window.

Our objective is to have all OS functionality on your server(s) in the most up-to-date state by end of the maintenance. During patching maintenance window, your server(s) may need to be rebooted in order for patches to be properly applied. If there are multiple patches released, more than one reboot may be required. Please note that some reboots may take longer than others. Any non-standard exceptions that alert during the patching process will have a ticket generated and handled next business day.

If you wish to receive notification that patching has been completed, please send an email to dedicatedsupport@iinet.com with an updated contact email address.

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