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All of my e-mail won't download. What do I do?

My e-mail program gets stuck downloading message # of ##? Help!

I keep getting the same # e-mail messages over and over. What's going on?

For example, let's say that your e-mail program says that it is downloading 4 of 17 messages and it never stops OR you keep receiving the same 3 e-mails over and over.

- Close the e-mail program. It may give you an error since it is still trying desperately to get your mail for you. Simply close the error message.
- Open up your Browser. That is Firefox or Internet Explorer, or Safari, or any other web page viewing program.
- Go to the Webmail page: https://webmail.iinet.com
- Login
- Look at the mail list. Note that the messages are displayed from NEW to OLD. Go to the last page. Remember that you were downloading #4 of 17 messages? That means that you can delete the last three messages since you already have them in your INBOX in your e-mail program.
- The 4th message is the problem. You do not know what the problem is, but it should/could be the attachment in it. Open the e-mail, by Double-Clicking on it. Make a note of WHO sent you the e-mail -- and remember the Golden Rule ...if you do not know the person, it is best to delete the e-mail with its attachment. Too many viruses are known to arrive through e-mail via attachments - though not usually graphics. There should be a FILE that is listed as included in the e-mail. This file MUST have an "extension", as in .pcx or .gif of .jpg or a known extension. This may also be a Word document (.doc) or Excel spreadsheet (.xls) and so on. If you are fine with it, then Right-Click on it, and select SAVE TARGET AS, and when you get the little window on your computer, select a place like My Documents and then click on SAVE. This will download the message to your computer. When done, go back to the message list.
- Click INBOX. Go to that same message, and Mark it. Delete it.
- Refresh the Folder List
- Purge the Trash Folder
- Log out of the e-mail Client.
- CLOSE your Web Browser (very important!)

Now open up your e-mail program on your computer, and try to Send & Receive. IF it works, you have removed the stumbling block on your e-mail account. You may want to e-mail that person and say that files that big are a hassle with e-mail. You can view the file that was attached to the message in the folder that you selected above.

IF, the e-mail program thinks that there still is a problem, then turn the computer OFF for a couple of minutes to clear Memory and all the Buffers in the computer. Turn on the computer again and try it. It should work ok.

IF, it does not, there could be other issues, and you will need to go over things with our Technical Support. We will run some tests and see what we have and go from there.

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