Email Policies

What are the restrictions/limitations on your mail server?

How much space is available for my mailbox on your server?

How many people can I send an e-mail to at once?

The mail server has a few restrictions that are currently in place. These are in place for a number of reasons. Maximum message size, for example, to not overload the servers with large messages. Maximum number of addressee's to prevent people from spamming all at once.

Disk Space:
There is 100 MB of disk space included with most Dial-up and DSL accounts. This includes space for e-mail as well as space for a Personal Web page. For example, if you are using 8 MB for a personal web page, you would have only 92 MB to store any e-mail that is received. For more information, see this article.You can increase your disk space quota by purchasing more disk space.

Maximum Message Size Limit: 5MB (megabytes)
This means that the largest e-mail that you can send through our mail server is 5 MB. However, e-mail is not the best medium for sending large files. You will likely have to try multiple times and may experience "timed-out" and failure errors. If you must send large files through e-mail, try breaking the attachment into smaller pieces (around 1 or 2 MB max) and send them in separate e-mails.

Maximum Number of Recipients: 99
You can send an e-mail to up to 99 people at a time. This prevents people from sending out mass e-mails which can cause excess load on the mail server which could impact the quality of your service.

SMTP Authentication and SSL: Our mail servers required both SMTP-Authentication and SSL/TLS to reliably send messages. We have articles on how to setup/repair your e-mail clients on our main e-mail support section.

Undelivered mail: Mail that we are not able to deliver to the destination is stored for 5 days while we attempt to deliver. Once it is delivered it is removed from the server.

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