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How do I change my e-mail address?
You can change your e-mail address by going to our myaccount page at; http://myaccount.iinet.com/ Once there you will log in with your primary e-mail address and password. Click on email accounts to the left and then the Change E-mail link. Next click on the Change button next to the e-mail address you want to change. From here you can enter the new address and choose a new domain from the drop down list. Then click Proceed, The new e-mail address should be active in 10 - 15 minutes. You will need to make changes to your e-mail client, We have walkthrough's to all major e-mail clients located here: http://www.iinet.com/support/answer.php?id=785

*NOTE* If your e-mail address is a dialup username you will be charged a one time fee of $10 If you want to change the e-mail address right away. You have the option to change the e-mail at the end of the month for no charge. *NOTE*

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