Windows: Update Modem Drivers

Where can I download the latest driver for my modem?

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of your modem can provide you with the newest driver for your modem. If it's not listed on their website, you may try contacting them at their support phone number.

First you will want to check your modem drivers...
- 1. Open "My Computer"
- 2. Open "Control Panel"
- 3. Open "Modems" or "Phone and Modem Options"
- 4. Where it says, "The following modems are installed", Please document what modem/modems are listed.
- 5. Now, click on the "diagnostic" tab up on top
- 6. Highlight your modem (usually COM2 or COM3) and click on "Driver"
- 7. Please document what is says for "size" and "date and time"

If your modem driver is more than 6 months old...
- 1. You will need to know what kind of modem you have (step four)
- 2. You will want to contact your modem OEM and see if there are updated drivers for your modem.
- 3. Make sure you know what the size and the date of your driver is (step 7)
- 4. Download the latest modem driver from the modem manufacturer's website.
- 5. Print out the instructions for updating the modem driver. Many manufacturers have different procedures for this.
- 6. Carefully following the instructions, install the new modem driver and see if this improves the speed of your dial-up connection.

NOTE* Infinity Internet does not support modem driver updates, Please consult your hardware manuals before attempting this as we cannot troubleshoot any issues that may arise from trying this. *NOTE

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