Mac: Setup Newsgroups in Netscape 7

1. Click on "Tasks" and select "Mail & Newsgroups"

2.Click on "Edit" and select "Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings"

3. Click on "New Account"

4. Select "Newsgroup account"

5. Your Name: Your real name or nickname
Email address: Your full @iinet.com e-mail address

6. Server Name:

  • DSL: news.iinet.com
  • Dialup: news1.iinet.com

7. Infinity Internet

8. Click Finish

9. Double click on your new news account

10. If you are using Dialup service, you will be prompted for a username. Enter your full @iinet.com e-mail address. Otherwise skip to step 13.

11. You will then get an "Alert" window. Click OK

12. Then you will need to enter you password

13. Begin using your news account!

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