Terminal Services Client Configuration

Note: This article assumes that you have already setup the Terminal Services Server. If you have not done this yet, please take a look at this article: Terminal Services Server Configuration.

Under Terminal Services Server, click "Terminal Services Client Creator". This will create disks that are used to install the Terminal Services Client program. The Client must be installed on each computer you are planning on using for remote administration of your server.

Double click on the "Terminal Services Client Creator" icon. Choose which version of Windows (16-bit or 32-bit) the client disks should support. (Windows 3.1 is 16-bit; Windows 95 and later are 32-bit.)

Note: If you are planning on accessing Terminal Services from a computer across the Internet, you will need to forward port 3389 to your server. This is very important since Terminal Services listens on port 3389.

Installing the Terminal Services Client:

On the client computer (not your server), insert the first Terminal Services Client floppy disk into your disk drive.

Double Click on "Setup.exe".

Click on "Continue":

Click on "I Agree":

Choose the directory that the Terminal Services Client will be installed into then click on the icon to begin installation:

Choose Yes or No depending on whether you want all users to have access to the Terminal Services Client:

When prompted, Click OK:

Click "OK"

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